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Your chance to Grasp the Moment

We are excited to launch ‘Grasp the Moment’, our new range of compostable hot cups. Made from renewable resources, these cups are the newest addition to our Eco-Products® from Detpak range on the portal.

Available in four retro designs, these cups are strong and sturdy. They are double-walled and are great at keeping liquids hot and hands cool, making them an ideal solution for takeaway and food delivery.

To celebrate the launch of the Grasp the Moment hot cups, we had a chat with Eco-Products® Marketing Manager, Helen Ford, who gave us a run down of how the cups came to fruition, why choosing an environmentally friendly option matters, and plans for the future.

How did the launch of 'Grasp the Moment' come to fruition? Can you tell us more about this?

“The Detmold Group (Detpak) has a long history in the hot cups category and the intent was to launch a new range of compostable cups. In a market saturated with many designs, we wanted to create something that really stands out from the crowd," Helen said. "We worked with an Adelaide designer and were presented with 10-12 options and these striking, retro designs which we’ve named ‘Grasp the Moment’ really jumped out," Helen explained.

Why should customers be opting for a compostable hot cup? Why does it matter?

"We are at a crossroads regarding the state of the environment and we all need to make changes to the way we consume products. The moment is now," Helen said. "The brand statement for Eco-Products® is 'one big small change', meaning that even in our everyday lives, we can all make a difference. Big change happens by everyone doing something small," Helen said.

Do you have plans to expand the current range?

“Absolutely. We have plans to update the cup designs regularly, with more in the pipeline which will feature our striking retro colour palette for continuity. We look forward to launching these in the near future," Helen said.

Choosing our Grasp the Moment range is about taking action for impacts yet to come, and understanding that the future is in your hands.

Join us and make one BIG small change.

Eco-Products and Worldview are registered trademarks of Eco-Products PBC, Boulder, CO, USA. All rights reserved.

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