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Un-burger-lievable packaging for Burger Day

Where it all began vs now

The burger has come a long way since 1900, where it was first served at Louis’ Lunch, a hamburger restaurant in Connecticut, USA. Back then, it was merely a blend of ground steak trimmings sandwiched between two slices of toast, requested by a man who was in a rush and wanted a quick and delicious lunch on the go.

Fast forward to 2021 and the options are endless. Burger restaurants have expressed their creativity and have reimagined burgers of all types and sizes. From crispy fried chicken to tofu, mushroom and halloumi, the burger is no longer just a carnivorous meal choice but now includes options for both vegetarian and vegan consumers.

Packaging fit for a burger

With the number of burger restaurants continuing to pop up all over the place, combined with the rise of food delivery, getting your packaging right is critical. After all, what’s the point of ordering a mouth-watering burger with all your favourite fillings and condiments, only for it to be spoiled in transit?

That’s why, Detpak’s extensive burger packaging range is here to help you this International Burger Day, and well into the future.

Premium presentation is an absolute must. There’s nothing quite like a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing burger, which is often snuggled in a burger wrap, held together perfectly or gently nestled in a burger clam ready for delivery. The right packaging solution can make all the difference, delivering a visually pleasing experience that is both practical and fit for purpose.

Endura range:
The Endura range is made with a sturdy, corrugated fluted board making it ideal for hot and greasy food. Check out the Endura Burger Box for regular sized burgers or opt for the Extra Large Burger Box if your burgers are the larger-than-life, instagrammable type - you know the ones - made with two or three patties and multiple buns that end up all over social media.

GO range:
The GO range is a leader in sustainability and is made from 100% recyclable, high quality, uncoated brown board. It is a light-weight alternative to the Endura range and is a great packaging solution for smaller, lighter burgers that are made to be eaten on-the-go.

What's a burger without chips?

You might be thinking 'but what about the chips?' A burger without chips is like a hug without a squeeze. Detpak’s chip cartons are perfect for takeaway and delivery, as the carton design allows you to seal the contents for optimal heat retention, as well as preventing the chips from falling to the bottom of the Uber Eats bag. Our chip cups are available in both small and large sizes, and are 100% recyclable and compostable, making them an excellent sustainable option for hot and crispy chips.

Wrap it all up

Our burger wraps are ideal for wrapping juicy burgers of all types, holding everything together securely and preventing fillings (ahem, tomato) from falling out of the bun. They are made from a tissue paper with a generous wax layer on one side, providing excellent grease resistance.

Make sure you wrap it all up this International Burger Day with our Waxed Burger Wraps, that are not only great from a practicality point of view, but can also be a fantastic way to improve presentation and provide a positive customer experience.

Mark May 28 in your calendar!

This year, International Burger Day is taking place on Friday May 28 and we’re encouraging merchant partners to get involved and celebrate everything we love about burgers.

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