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Goodbye Staples, Hello Delivery Seals

There's no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic played large part in raising food and hygiene standards in 2020, and it's safe to say these high standards will remain.

As a result, there has been an increase in demand in restaurants wanting to secure their Uber Eats bag closed before sending it out the door for delivery. Unfortunately, not all seals used are food grade or deemed safe, such as staples.

Using staples in food packaging is incredibly dangerous for a few different reasons:

Staples are too small to be noticed if they fall into food and can cause serious health issues when swallowed.

If you are using several staples to secure the Uber Eats bag, the customer may have difficulty safely opening the bag to retrieve their food and might cut themselves in the process.

Staples are not only hazardous for staff members frantically preparing orders on a Saturday night (especially when the stapler jams!), but also for the customer who receives the delivery. This negative experience could reflect on your brand and negatively impact a customers perception of your food.

With all of this being taken into consideration, staples are certainly not the solution, nor the way forward! Leave your stapler in the office and enhance your restaurants great reputation and food integrity by choosing a safe, premium solution for your business with Detpak’s Delivery Seals.

Our Delivery Seals are perfect for fastening your Uber Eats bag closed, ensuring a positive food delivery experience for your customers. They contain a strong adhesive backing and are quick and simple to apply, which makes them ideal for sealing paper bags without compromising on food safety.

Shop our Delivery Seals on the portal today which are available in a sleek black as well as a limited-edition festive design. That’s not all! Keep your eyes peeled for our new range of unique, seasonal designs to help brighten your Uber Eats bag and provide a safe and premium food delivery experience.

Goodbye staples, hello Delivery Seals!

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